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  • HUNTER  1:72

    HUNTER 1:72

    The Hunter is a well equipped cutter, built for the British Navy in many, more or less similar copies, in the second half of the seventeenth century, to face the smugglers, who, incidentally, were the first to use this type of ship (it seems that the English shipyards built them in couples: one for the smugglers and one for the Customs -). Of course the Hunter was used also as coast-guard and for military functions of port survey, scout, warning and so on. From these cutters derived, towards the end of the nineteenth century, the sports boats and those meant for the regattas. The model reproduces, to a scale of 1:72, a cutter built towards 1797. It is equipped with 12 guns and several culverins.

    Skala: 1:72
    Längd: 840 mm
    Höjd: 635 mm
    Artikelnr: MM35

    Byggsatsen är spantbyggd och levereras med utsmycknadsdetaljer.

    Ordinarie pris 1 598,00 kr

    Specialpris: 995,00 kr

  • IL LEUDO  1:32

    IL LEUDO 1:32

    The origin of the Leudo are rather uncertain. According to suppositions probably having a content of truth, the Leudo comes from a type of medieval boat with two masts inclined towards the prow with lateen sails. It should afterwards have lost the foremast, replaced by a bowsprit with jibs, making the manoeuvres easier. The hull has a characteristic egg shape with a very accentuated bending weather conditions, unbearable even for stronger hulls. It was a cargo concerns - hardware - agricultural tools - hand-manufactured goods and cloths in the Mediterranean Sea.

    Skala: 1:32
    Längd: 652 mm
    Höjd: 441 mm
    Artikelnr: MM29

    Byggsatsen är spantbyggd och levereras med utsmycknadsdetaljer.

    Ordinarie pris 1 699,00 kr

    Specialpris: 1 195,00 kr

  • HALIFAX  1:54

    HALIFAX 1:54

    Born as packet-boat, Halifax was purchased in17658 by the Royal Navy and transformed at Portsmouth into a typical colonial schooner of the time. These alterations included raising the cabin platform to obtain more storage space below, elevating the bulwarks with openings for the 6 guns and building a new railing with 6 culverins. The outer changes made to the hull as well as to masting and rigging altered deeply the original aspect. The sources concerning the life of this ship are extremely contradictory. It sailed prevailingly along the American coasts in a rather complex period of history of this country.

    Skala: 1:54
    Längd: 590 mm
    Höjd: 460 mm
    Artikelnr: MM37

    Byggsatsen är spantbyggd och levereras med utsmycknadsdetaljer.

    Ordinarie pris 1 949,00 kr

    Specialpris: 1 295,00 kr

  • MARSEILLE  1:64

    MARSEILLE 1:64

    Marseille is a 1764 French schooner. Reconstruction carried out on original drawings of that time of a ship meant for shooting training. Equipped with 24 three-pound guns mounted on a special gun-carriage fixed on the board-side and with other 2 guns of retreat of the same gauge. Characteristic are the 2 six-pound fighting guns equipped with a gun-carriage without wheels sliding on a special guide free with a rotation of 180 degrees. Used as gunners training-ship.

    Skala: 1:64
    Längd: 803 mm
    Höjd: 565 mm
    Artikelnr: MM25

    Byggsatsen är spantbyggd och levereras med utsmycknadsdetaljer.

    Ordinarie pris 1 949,00 kr

    Specialpris: 1 395,00 kr

  • YACHT MARY  1:54

    YACHT MARY 1:54

    The Yacht Mary was built in the Netherlands and was presented to Prince Charles Stuard by the town of Amsterdam on the occasion of his proclamation to King of England. It is considered the prototype of the pleasure-boats. The reconstruction of the model has been helped by a picture of Van der Velde and by archaeological remains come to light in the last years where the ship was wrecked. The model is therefore most trustworthy and is structurally identical, as far as the constructive process, is concerned, in comparison with the other bigger models of ours. It is particularly rich of precious, molten decorations for which exclusive pieces made by a renowned sculptor have been used.

    Skala: 1:54
    Längd: 483 mm
    Höjd: 479 mm
    Artikelnr: MM28

    Byggsatsen är spantbyggd och levereras med utsmycknadsdetaljer.

    Ordinarie pris 1 949,00 kr

    Specialpris: 1 395,00 kr

  • PURITAN  1:50

    PURITAN 1:50

    Planned by Edward Burgess, the Puritan was a sloop of little less than 30 meters with a good width and the sliding keel which is characteristic of the American boats of that class - In 1885, under Captain Aubrey Crockers command, she defended the Americas Cup against the English cutter Genesta, winning in only two races.

    Skala: 1:50
    Längd: 870 mm
    Höjd: 940 mm
    Artikelnr: MM43

    Byggsatsen är spantbyggd och levereras med utsmycknadsdetaljer.

    Ordinarie pris 2 198,00 kr

    Specialpris: 1 495,00 kr

  • FLYING CLOUD  1:96


    The clipper appears in the U.S.A. about 1820. It is the last stage in the evolution of the sailing ship and it satisfied the demand of the American merchant class, who has realized that the future of trade is on the sea. The American builder create quite a new ship, without imitating schemes and models of the old continent and they obtain immediately such results as to influence the world shipyards techniques. Flying Cloud, the masterpiece of builder Donald McKay, was built at East Boston in 1851. It acquired a high reputation during the - Gold Rush - in California, making the passage from New York to San Francisco in the record time of 88 days, 22 hours and 30 minutes, never equalled so far.

    Skala: 1:96
    Längd: 940 mm
    Höjd: 610 mm
    Artikelnr: MM41

    Byggsatsen är spantbyggd och levereras med utsmycknadsdetaljer.

    Ordinarie pris 3 390,00 kr

    Specialpris: 1 895,00 kr

  • H.M.S. ENDEAVOUR 1:100

    H.M.S. ENDEAVOUR 1:100

    James Cook, the great discoverer of the Pacific region , was born in 1728 as the son of a farmer. Over a number of years he acquired seamanlike experience and in 1755 joined the British Royal Fleet where he made it to the rank of a - master - within a short period of time. In 1768 he was handed over the command of a scientific exploration trip to the South Pacific. The ship to be used for this project was the - Endeavour -, which was a remodelled brig. Its solid structure made it extremely seaworthy. In order to accommodate a group of astronomers and scientists the vessel was modified considerably. The Endeavour left Plymouth with direction of Cape Horn and reached its port of destination, Tahiti in April 1769. After completion of the necessary scientific studies Cook went on towards New Zealand, where he remained until the end of March 1770, 2400 miles of coastline were recorded.

    Skala: 1:100
    Längd: 430 mm
    Höjd: 360 mm
    Artikelnr: MM47

    Byggsatsen är spantbyggd och levereras med utsmycknadsdetaljer.

    Ordinarie pris 1 498,00 kr

    Specialpris: 1 095,00 kr

  • LEXINGTON  1:100

    LEXINGTON 1:100

    The Lexington belonged to a small fleet of merchant ships, which were hastily converted into war ship in Philadelphia in 1775/77 during the war against England. Under captain John Barrys command the Lexington was successfully engaged in battle on April 7th, 1776 against the corvette Edward. During the same year the Lexington was captured by the British frigate Pearl. The crew recaptured the boat again in a daring action and returned it to Baltimore. During the following year the Lexington sailed to France and, together with other ships, took part in various battles in the Bay of Biscay, the English channel and the Irish coast. A number of English ships were captured. On September 20th, 1777 on its return trip from France the Lexington was captured by the English cutter Alert. After a fight of more than three hours the Lexington ran out of ammunition and had to surrender. Thus at least the lives of the crew, already decimated by enemy fire, were saved.

    Skala: 1:100
    Längd: 420 mm
    Höjd: 390 mm
    Artikelnr: MM48

    Byggsatsen är spantbyggd och levereras med utsmycknadsdetaljer.

    Ordinarie pris 1 598,00 kr

    Specialpris: 1 195,00 kr

  • CATALINA  1:35

    CATALINA 1:35

    The first Lemster barges were built in 1876 in the shipyard - Gebr. De Boer - in Lemmer, Fiesland. The Lemster barge originally was a fishing vessel for use on the Northern part of the then sill open Zuiderzee, where during wind against tide often very foul seas developed. Therefore the ship was designed to be very seaworthy and she had very good sail-make the Lemster barge one of the best and beautiful Dutch round sailing yachts.

    Skala: 1:35
    Längd: 570 mm
    Höjd: 485 mm
    Artikelnr: MM51

    Byggsatsen är spantbyggd och levereras med utsmycknadsdetaljer.

    Ordinarie pris 1 598,00 kr

    Specialpris: 1 195,00 kr

  • MAYFLOWER  1:70

    MAYFLOWER 1:70

    During 1609 the Pilgrim Fathers, members of the English separatist church in contrast with the national church caused by their strong religious conviction, they moved in the Low Countries to escape from the threat of the imprisonment. Decided to start up a new religious and civilized community, they chose to emigrate in the New World. On board of the Mayflower, minor galleon of three mast displacing 180 tons, in the 1620 they joined the coasts of Virginia where they ratified with the - Mayflower Contact - the constitution of a real state, the first nucleus of the United States of America.

    Skala: 1:70
    Längd: 480 mm
    Höjd: 400 mm
    Artikelnr: MM49

    Byggsatsen är spantbyggd och levereras med utsmycknadsdetaljer.

    Ordinarie pris 1 749,00 kr

    Specialpris: 1 295,00 kr

  • JENNY  1:12

    JENNY 1:12

    The Star was created in 1911 from lines drawn by William Gardner. Among monotype ships this one had appropriate measurements and ideal proportions. The most famous of helmsmen took a liking to the yacht and thus made it popular all over the world. Over 9000 of this craft have been built in the past 90 years. It is still Olympic class. Every sea and lake port vaunts the mooring of a Star, with its unmistakable lengthening line became at last familiar. Also the MAMOLIs owners have decided to realize this model, because when young they had this extraordinary ship . They attended some regattas on beautiful water of Comos Lake. As other regatta models of our assortment, details are made with extreme meticulousness. The hull is in wooden . The sail plan and the rigging respect really a Star the thirty years. As the color of hull, strictly bright and the deck with strips at sight. The rigging , then, was respected in his whole, from shrouds in metal plait to cotton sheets and halyard, to the metal connection on the mast and so on. We think that the sail supporters can be completely satisfied about re-edition in scale of this - ageless and marvelous - Star.

    Skala: 1:12
    Längd: 567 mm
    Höjd: 931 mm
    Artikelnr: MM54

    Byggsatsen är spantbyggd och levereras med utsmycknadsdetaljer.

    Ordinarie pris 2 298,00 kr

    Specialpris: 1 695,00 kr

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